For more than 60 years, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil has been telling a story of women and men who are committed to a generous idea: offering everyone successful and educational holidays.


Created in 1960, the Marseilles Company LES VILLAGES CLUBS DU SOLEIL, has moved with the times; Today, the new group has merged with Renouveau Vacances and the two historic tour operators are now working together!

  • This merger is unique and innovative! La LTD. Les Villages Clubs du Soleil is now owned by two associations (83.68% for the founding association Les Villages Clubs du Soleil and 16.32% for the association Renouveau Vacances). This governance model meets the ideals of associations and the emergence of the new group thus set up, guarantees a sustainable mission of social and fair tourism.

  • Currently the leader in the family holiday sector in France, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil offer 10,000 beds throughout FRANCE, aiming for one million overnight stays and a turnover of 70 million Euros in 2016, while marketing under two brands and 3 product lines.



The quality approach has been part of Les Villages Clubs du Soleil's dynamics for many years. First holiday village company to obtain the ISO 9002 standard in Europe since 2000, and then ISO 9001 in 2003; first company in the tourism sector to receive the National Quality and Performance Award in France: Les Villages Clubs du Soleil are voluntarily engaged in a quality where you are the first beneficiaries! More than 98% of our customers express their wish to return and spend their holidays in one of our Villages Clubs.


A new classification has been in force since July 2010. More demanding and more reliable, it aims to improve the quality of the accommodation offer.
As part of a permanent quality approach, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil subjected their establishments to this new classification, during the summer. Based on 252 criteria with visual and / or documentary control, this evaluation is structured around four main issues:

  • equipment
  • customer service
  • accessibility for people with disabilities
  • sustainable development. 
  • After the visits carried out by the organisation accredited by Atouts France, the new classification of these establishments is as follows:
  • the Village Club d'Arc 1800 was classified a 4-star (VV4) holiday village.
  • the establishments of Orcières, Montgenèvre, Valmorel la Belle, Flaine, Vars, Alpe d'Huez - Oz en Oisans, Superbagnères and Le Reverdi were classified as 3 stars (VV3) holiday villages. 
  • NB: In Valmorel la Belle and Alpe d'Huez - Oz en Oisans, the classification applies only to the main buildings.
  • accommodations of the "Les terraces" Tourist residence of Reverdi are classified 2 stars.
  • The Les Ménuires site is classified as a 3-star holiday village (VV3).


Whether with our customers, suppliers, service providers or all of our stakeholders, we work with a constant concern for ethics. Our quality approach, ISO 9001 certified, guaranteeing our customers of the compliance of the product and the effectiveness of this responsible and demanding policy, has been recognised several times. In 2012: Les Villages Clubs du Soleil were the first to attain the 3-star level (on 4 levels) of the AFAQ 26000 evaluation on the ISO 26000 international reference of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). They received the 1st prize of the Bouches-du-Rhône and PACA awards in CSR. Loyalty, transparency and promise kept!


  • Winner of the 4th UNAT Innovation Forum in 2009 with the Ecole Française de la Montagne.
  • Prix National de la Qualité et de la Performance (National Award for Quality and Performance) in 2006 making it the first company in the tourism sector to obtain this award.
  • Tourism Mention of the PACA Regional Quality Award on the European Foundation Quality Management (EFQM) reference in 2004. This reference, more comprehensive than ISO, covers more diverse aspects such as the environment, the societal aspect, partners, mode of governance...
  • Level 4 * of ISO 26000.
  • Winner of the 6th edition of the Innovation Trophies organised by Echo Touristique in 2017 in the Hotel Concept category with the first Holiday Village in town, in Marseille, in the former Belle de Mai maternity.


Les Villages Clubs du Soleil have as mission to develop a tourism of proximity, giving rise to enrichment, discovery, meeting and sharing. Our values make all the difference!

Since its creation, the company has been advocating for family tourism allowing for the opening of living, meeting and friendly places for a wider public.

It is about giving families the means to access leisure without distinction of social status. The company thus allows the greatest number of people to access culture and leisure. This recognition of human values leads to the development of a holiday concept in a spirit of sharing and constant conviviality.

Loyalty of practices, transparency, and promise kept! With a sales team at the head office and in the region, on hand to help you and make your plans a reality, whether for a free, turnkey stay, an à la carte programme or a fully customised stay. The guarantee of an always successful stay with Directors of establishment always anxious to welcome you and make you discover their respective sites, on-site teams eager to welcome you and satisfy your every expectation!

The company's steady growth relies on its internally developed human capabilities, offering the best to holiday makers.

Through these quality services, the company deploys an original economic model, which is human-centred above all, with the desire to achieve economic, commercial and social success.

Renew, improve and diversify the offer for an increasingly qualitative and innovative service. Advance by maintaining the intimate conviction that holiday periods allow everyone to imagine a better world, the founding motto of Les Villages Clubs du Soleil Company.

Respect solidarity excellence before the CSR era, formed the commitment of Les Villages Clubs du Soleil group on a different Social, and Environmental Responsibility.


 MOUNTAIN EXPERTISEicon_montagne_vcs

Discovering the mountain, making people love and share it is one of the founding pillars of Les Villages Clubs du Soleil.

The mountain offer is now structured around "L'Ecole Française de la Montagne"; a simple and friendly idea coordinated by passionate professionals to allow each holiday maker to enjoy the mountain in a secured environment while discovering and learning the discipline. This resolutely leading school offers both in summer and winter the opportunity:

  • To know the mountain in all its forms
  • To hike at your pace based on different physical criteria including the number of hours of walking, the difference in altitude, the required rhythm... but also technical criteria such as walking on trails, paths or screes,
  • To hike according to your desires:
    > As a family with children from 8 years old. Each walk is an opportunity to observe and discover the mountain in complete safety and in a very recreational way.
    > Freely by receiving information and advice from Espace Montagne.
  • Leaving well equipped: Villages Clubs du Soleil provides all the equipment: shoes, stick, snowshoes, baby carrier, backpack, topographical maps.

In the summer, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil offer in all the mountain sections of the different sites, the "Carnet Rando (hiker's notebook)" for all hiking enthusiasts, "mountain students".
The Rando carnet presents all the emblematic hikes from each Village Club du Soleil with different sections such as:

  • Estimating your hiking level
  • Evaluating your walker profile
  • Hiking safely
  • Protecting the environment

The Carnet Rando also provides general information about hiking and the mountain. This unique "tool" validates the Villages Clubs du Soleil's approach of passing on the pleasure of hiking and a step-by-step discovery of the mountain.



The reputation and image of the brand "Les Villages Clubs du Soleil" reside in a differentiating offer expressed since its origin around its product & service concept: "The All-Inclusive" package.

More than 60 years of experience acquired from thousands of customers of all ages have enabled us to build over the years what is today our uniqueness.

The strength of the company lies in successfully combining all the different components of a tourist stay: design, services, timings, partnerships, relations with host country, purchases, men, operational management, continuous improvement of the service.

The expertise of Les Villages Clubs du Soleil is also expressed in two key areas of the product:

  • Receiving children with a recruitment of qualified and experienced staff, creating spaces dedicated for children and also at the level of catering with the restopuce. This approach is broken down by learning age range.
  • The mountain with the Ecole Française de la Montagne: by offering this original and innovative concept, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil stand out from the lot. The aim is to allow everyone to enjoy the mountains in a professional setting combining conviviality, discovery and learning.

This approach is accompanied by the "Carnet Rando" an educational tool for all hiking enthusiasts.


Committed since 2012 in the evaluation of a CSR policy, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil formalise their social responsibility approach in a transparent manner.

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Quality & Satisfaction
Quality & Satisfaction

With more than 100,000 customers welcomed each year, the quest for quality, customer satisfaction and corporate responsibility are the cornerstones of Les Villages Clubs du Soleil.

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Human Resources
Human Resources

Working at Les Villages Clubs du Soleil, means joining a team that is working on knowledge-building and know-how recognised in the tourism world.

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