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How to book

You can easily book your stay through one of the means below.
Please send us proof that you do belong to your organisation in order to benefit from your discount.


In order to better meet your expectations, Villages Clubs du Soleil offer complete online booking services.


0 825 802 805 (0.15€/min including all taxes)
From outside France: +33 4 91 04 87 04
From Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm
Saturdays from 9am to 5pm


Please send your booking form completed and signed to 04 91 04 87 01.
Please do not forget to mention your telephone or fax number so that we can deal with your booking request.

Download your Summer 2018 PDF application form
Download your Winter 2018-2019 PDF application form 


Please send us your booking form signed (along with your deposit and stamp of your community in such case) mentioning several chosen dates and destination wishes. We will do our best to fulfil your first wish in priority:

Les Villages Clubs du Soleil
23 rue François Simon
13003 Marseille


Our office opens from Monday to Thursday 9am to 12.30pm & 2pm to 6pm and on Fridays from 9am to 12.30pm & 2pm to 5pm. 


  • Signed booking form
  • Your option number
  • Your deposit of 30% of the total price of your stay + registration fees + insurance fees.
  • If your reservation was made less than four weeks before starting date of your stay, you must pay the entire price of said stay at the time of registration.

Any reservation done via post mail, the internet, e-mail, or fax, or done in our office, must include payment of deposit mentioned below. Any means of reservation enables you to access, on the Internet or in our office, all means of housing and their availability, all administrative formalities (including vaccinations, if needed), conditions of payment, insurance, total price of said stay, conditions of refund and, in such case, all services included in the price of said stay.

Deposit: booking shall only be definitive after reception of a deposit of 30% of the entire price of the stay, along with registration fees and after we have sent your stay confirmation (after payment of aforementioned deposit), which shall serve as invoice. Said deposit may be paid by check, credit card (Visa or MasterCard only), or holiday checks.

In case of telephone or fax booking, payment must be done within maximum 4 days depending on option awarding, the number of which must be mentioned at the time of payment. Failing reception of said payment within aforementioned period, said option shall be null and void by law. Booking implies unreserved approval and ratification by the customer of these terms and conditions of sales and of previously communicated specific conditions regarding room




Refund of cancellation fees contractually owed to the organiser, when you have to cancel your stay before it starts and if said cancellation is due to:

  • Serious disease, serious physical accident including consequences, sequelae, complications, or aggravation of a disease or accident observed before booking of stay, or passing of:
  1. a) yourself, your legal or common-law spouse, your ancestors or descendants
  2. b) your brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law. It is your duty to establish the reality of the situation eligible to our services, therefore we reserve the right to deny your request, on our doctors' advice, should provided information not prove the materiality of the facts.
  • Serious material damage due to burglary, fire, water damage, or climatic event, preventing you from being on site on the day planned for your arrival, for conservation measures and administrative formalities, and damaging over 50% of: a) your principal or secondary residence.
  • Your redundancy for economic reasons or that of your spouse, if the procedure was not started on the day of subscription to this contract.
  • Serious damage to your vehicle within two days before your departure, only if said vehicle can not be used to take you to your final destination
  • Finding paid employment or internship, starting before or during the period set for your stay, while you were registered as unemployed, and only if it is not an extension or renewal of your current employment, nor a vacation for a temporary work agency.
  • Modification of your time off work by your employer.
  • Imperative unpredictable unpostponable summons to appear in court as a witness or juror.
  • Convocation to a hospital for transplant during the period of your stay
  • Convocation for child adoption during the period of your stay
  • Cancellation due to covered reason of one or several people registered as the same time as, and insured by this contract, if because of said cancellation, you must travel alone.
  • Lack or excess of snow leading to more than 2/3 of ski lifts.


  • In case of impossibility to access the resort: one-day refund from the price of your ski pass and equipment, on a time-apportioned basis.
  • In case of closure of ski lifts (more than 2/3): time-based refund of number of “unskied” days, maximum 70% of the total price of the ski pass and equipment, refund of ski classes in case of ski accident: refund of ski lift pass (on a time-apportioned basis limited to 250 euros) and ski equipment (on a time-apportioned basis limited to 200 euros).


1)Exclusions shared by all coverages.

  • Civil or international war, riots, civil commotions, strikes, terrorist acts, hostage-taking, weapon manipulation.
  • However, our coverage applies if you find yourself caught in such events abroad, during the 14 days following the start of said events.
  • Your voluntary participation in bets, crimes, or fights, except in case of legitimate defence
  • Any effect of nuclear origin or caused by any source of ionising radiation
  • Your intentional acts, your attempts at wrongdoing, including suicide and suicide attempt
  • Your consumption of alcohol, illegal drugs, and any narcotic substance mentioned in the French Public Health Code without medical prescription
  • Your participation to any sport as a professional or under a contract leading to a salary
  • Accidents which occurred outside the countries mentioned in the specific conditions, or outside the valid period of this contract
  • Accidents which occurred during services which were not organised by the underwriter of this contract
  • Events which occurred between the date of reservation of your trip and the day of subscription to this contract, as well as the consequences thereof.

2) Exclusions regarding “assistance” coverage

  • any fee paid without preliminary decision of our assistance service
  • any pre-existing disease which had been diagnosed and/or treated, and/or had led to hospitalisation in the 6 months before assistance coverage request, except for clear unpredictable complications
  • benign affections or lesions which can be treated on site
  • convalescence or unconsolidated affections under treatment
  • pregnancy and any potential complication thereof after the 6th month, abortion, childbirth, in vitro fertilisation, and any consequence thereof
  • trips undertaken for diagnose and/or treatment purpose
  • sports competitions as well as preparatory training
  • subsistence costs, fees not explicitly mentioned as leading to refund, as well as any expenses for which you could not provide a receipt
  • The following medical costs are not included: hydrotherapy costs, physiotherapy costs, dental care except emergencies, preventive medicine, costs in a country where you reside or whose citizen you are, and in France, costs due to a disease or accident unconsolidated before departure, care or treatment not due to medical emergency, costs engaged for artificial insemination or any sterility treatment, care or treatment with unrecognised therapeutic purpose by French law.

3)Exclusions due to “physical accidents” coverage

  • Practice, as an amateur or of any level, of mechanical sports (cars, motorbikes, any motorised vehicle) or including flight, use of motorbikes of 125cm3 and more.
  • Practising rock climbing, mountaineering, speleology, competitive sledging, scuba diving with or without autonomous equipment, parachuting, hang-gliding, paragliding
  • Heart attack
  • Paralysis, hearing loss, blindness, epilepsy of which you knew, as well as any medical event whose diagnosis, symptoms, or cause of the latter are of psychological or psychiatric nature
  • Activities practised in the frame of your profession
  • Activities not provided by the underwriter of this contract
  • Benefit of guarantee, if they have been declared guilty and condemned for willingly taking your life.

4)Exclusions due to “stay interruption” coverage

  • Stay interruptions which have not beforehand approved by “Mondial Assistance”
  • Natural disasters which are subjected to procedures mentioned in French legal act 82.600 from July 13th 1982 as well as the consequences thereof.

5)Exclusions due to “accidental ski breaking” and “ski classes refund” coverages.

All costs engaged without the approval of the assistance service of Mondial Assistance.


  • Disease or accidents which have beforehand been noticed, treated, have worsened, or for which you had a relapse or have been hospitalised, between the date of reservation your trip and the date of your subscription to this contract
  • Pregnancy, except clear unpredictable complications, abortion, childbirth, in vitro fertilisation, and the consequences thereof.
  • Absence of vaccinations
  • Any medical event whose diagnosis, symptoms, or cause of the latter are of psychological or psychiatric nature, and which has not led to hospitalisation of more than 5 consecutive days after subscribing to this contract.
  • Accidents due to practice, as an amateur or of any level, of mechanical sports (cars, motorbikes, any motorised vehicle) or including flight
  • Epidemics, pollution, natural disasters which are subjected to procedures mentioned in French legal act 82.600 from July 13th 1982 as well as the consequences thereof.
  • Consequences of criminal proceedings to which you are subject.


Warning! Snow guarantee not included in Morzine, Bois d'Amont, and Val Louron

Les Villages Clubs du Soleil offer a “CANCELLATION - REPATRIATION COVERAGE - SNOW GUARANTEE package whose very attractive price have been negotiated by us with care (29€ per person and 25€ per person for Morzine, Bois d'Amont, and Val Louron).

New SNOW GUARANTEE includes:

* stay cancellation in case of lack or excess of snow, in case of impossible access to the resort, and in case of ski lifts closure
* refund of one day on the basis of your ski lift pass and equipment in case of impossible access to the resort
* refund of your unused ski lift pass, equipment, and ski classes in case of partial or complete ski lifts closure

Indeed, in case of stay cancellation or interruption, “Les Villages Clubs du Soleil” will not be able to refund your “unconsumed” stay in any case. Therefore, we strongly advise that you subscribe to this insurance which will enable you to be indemnified or repatriated (depending on your contract). A summary of the guarantees shall be sent to you as soon as you subscribe, or on simple request.

* Details regarding the conditions in the insurance contract (said insurance can not be reimbursed). More details at 0825 802 805.


Loyalty is a value which should be shared. Here at Villages Clubs du Soleil, the more you travel with us, the more Sunny Points (“Points Soleil”) you earn.


  • 20 Sunny Points per paying person for one stay of 7 days or more.
  • 40 Sunny Points per paying person for one stay of 14 days or more.


This year, we have extended our loyalty programme to thank you for trusting us:

MORE quickly: loyalty discounts are awarded from 100 Sunny Points
MORE advantages: loyalty discounts can be combined with holiday checks
MORE savings: loyalty discounts are more significant and application fees are free from 400 Sunny Points.


100 Sunny Points = 20€
200 Sunny Points = 30€
300 Sunny Points = 40€
400 Sunny Points = 50€*
800 Sunny Points = 100€**
1000 Sunny Points = 120€**

* plus no application fees (28€ in winter / 29€ in summer)
** plus no application fees (28€ in winter / 29€ in summer) and a present on site.

And as always: our catalogue before everyone else and special offers via e-mails…


Book one stay of at least one week in one of our Holiday Clubs.

  • Over the phone, by simply calling 0 825 802 805 (0.15€/min including all taxes)
  • On our website, by logging onto “my account”
  • By mail by sending the reservation form below after filling it in

To know how many points you have and the corresponding Loyalty discount, call us or log onto “my account” on our website.

Sunny Points are exclusively reserved to customers who directly book their stay with us. Sunny Points Loyalty Discounts can not be combined with any works council discount and/or group discounts. Valid for any reservation file. One discount per family and per season.

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