Committed to the evaluation of a CSR policy, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil have formalised their social responsibility approach in a transparent manner, according to the ISO 26 000 standard. In 2016, the company received the highest distinction and obtained the **** EXEMPLARITY level of the AFAQ 26 000 evaluation, thereby becoming the first French tourism company to join the exclusive club of organisations certified by this level, the highest awarded by the AFAQ 26 000! For the record, AFAQ 26 000 is a voluntary evaluation method developed by AFNOR Certification, allowing organisations to measure their level of maturity on corporate social responsibility. AFAQ 26 000 is based on the ISO 26000 international standard, the first and only international standard on CSR.



Village Clubs du Soleil's commitment to sustainable development is based on an over 60-year old tradition of social, societal and environmental involvement. The company right from the outset has always been eager to develop while respecting people and territories.

ISO 9001 certified since 2000, the company has since 2004 incorporated environmental objectives into its quality system. The company organises its strategy in line with a veritable sustainable development approach.
Villages clubs du Soleil's corporate social responsibility was defined with the objective of identifying and implementing the most effective action levers to bring together economic performance, social development, societal commitment and environmental development.
Les Villages Clubs du Soleil have formulated a shared vision of sustainability, a veritable path to take to progress in sustainable development and which is translated by:

  • A purpose

Offer its customers the best value for money holidays that allow them to simply, conveniently and responsibly rest, educate themselves, be physically active and spend time with the family.

  • Values

Respect, Solidarity, Excellence

  • 4 strategic pillars

- Ensuring a responsible management of establishments
- Putting employees at the centre of the company
- Developing an all-inclusive product...including responsibility
- Representing an economic model at the heart of the company's corporate social responsibility


A humanized company

Les Villages Clubs du Soleil uphold the 3 commitments of a corporate citizen at the heart of their actions.


On all the sites, the company supports and implements an environmental approach.


3 areas of commitment have been taken up:

1. An exemplary human resources policy recognised by the Empl'tude Label

2.Access to holidays for all, which is really what the company has been involved in since its creation. Several programmes make this possible:

  • BSV [Bourse Solidarité Vacances (Solidarity Holiday Grant)] which is managed by the ANCV and allows families who do not regularly go or have never been on holidays to do so thanks to a strong financial support from VCS and the ANCV (about 70% of the amount of the stay) and which serves as assistance and support before and during the stay.
  • VACAF [grouping of Caisses d'Allocations Familiales (Family Allowance Funds)] for departure assistance to low-income families.
  • Senior citizens on holidays; for those over 65 who no longer go for reasons of social isolation.
  • ANCV [Agence Nationale des Chèques Vacances (National Agency for Holiday Vouchers)] which offers assistance to employees

3. Territorial planning: when the company sets up in a territory, there is a will to develop the host area.
We do not set up to "plunder" resources or to live in autarky, but to integrate and enrich the territories with direct and indirect economic fall-outs, develop local employment and companies as well as local partnerships.


Les Villages Clubs du Soleil strive for economic performance with an atypical economic model and a desire for positive spin-offs in the host communities of each Village Club.




Through its recruitment policy, the company wants to:

  • Enhance the image of seasonal employment with employment partners, such as the chance for the first job.
  • Search, recruit and enhance professional skills among low-skilled persons and followed up by partners like Local Missions, PLIE, integration company, especially for young people (-25 years old)
  • Make the company an actor and citizen through its recruitment and career management policy geared towards social inclusion

The human resources policy and our integration action were recognised in 2010 with the award of the Empl’tude Label (learn more on the website


The company is eager to develop by controlling and limiting its impact on the environment by:

  • Improving the rationality of resources consumption
  • Monitoring, analysing and controlling consumption
  • Renovating and investing by choosing high-performance and efficient equipment
  • Reducing waste generated, enhancing and promoting sorting and recycling
  • Reducing releases to water
  • Raising awareness and training teams on different environmental issues


  • Integrating territories with a win-win goal
  • Participating in the economic, social and environmental development of host countries
  • Participating in resort governance structures


  • 2004 - Obtained a mention at the Prix Régional de la Qualité (Regional Quality Award) on the EFQM reference.
  • 2006 - Les Villages Clubs du Soleil winner of the Prix National de la Qualité et de la Performance (National Award for Quality and Performance)
  • 2009 - Awarded the Empl'itude label (actions geared towards professional integration)
  • 2010 - Awarded the 2nd "Progression" level of AFAQ 1000NR (level of integration of sustainable development)
  • 2011 - Awarded 1st prize of the social tourism innovation forum for the Musée du Grand Hôtel de Superbagnères
  • 2012 - Awarded the 3rd "Maturity" level of AFAQ 26000 reference (ISO 26000 reference on the corporate social responsibility of organisations)
  • 2012 - Received the 1st prize of the RSE PACA and Bouches du Rhône Awards


  • An ISO 9001 certified company for all its activities since 2000
  • A very good customer satisfaction; 98.2% of customers express their wish to return and spend their holidays in a Village Club du Soleil
  • 0.07% claim rate (lowest rate in the holiday village sector)
  • Average appreciation of 8.14 / 10 in 2016 (all services, villages and seasons combined)


In early 2012, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil were awarded the 4-star "Exemplary" level of the ISO 26000 standard and thus affirmed their social and environmental responsibility.

  • An internal approach with updated goals each year and an environmental reference in each village, as well as an annual awareness-raising action plan for customers and employees.
  • An efficient and recognised human resources policy based on the reception, integration, retention and growth of staff. In February 2012, the company received the 1st prize of the "RSE" PACA and Bouches du Rhône awards.

Our difference
Our difference

Les Villages Clubs du Soleil tell a story of women and men who are committed to a generous idea: offering everyone successful and educational holidays.

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Quality & Satisfaction
Quality & Satisfaction

With more than 100,000 customers welcomed each year, the quest for quality, customer satisfaction and corporate responsibility are the cornerstones of Les Villages Clubs du Soleil.

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Human Resources
Human Resources

Working at Les Villages Clubs du Soleil, means joining a team that is working on knowledge-building and know-how recognised in the tourism world.

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