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Once upon a time in the Villages Clubs du Soleil


Villages Clubs du Soleil: operating and gaining experience for the last 50 years

For over 50 years now, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil have offered the perfect solution to meet the whole family's holiday needs. Right from its foundation in 1960, its main objective has been to enable families to go on holidays and leave behind all the constraints of daily life. The many developments and experiences we have gathered over the years have led to the creation of the All-Inclusive package we offer today - a wide selection of sporting and cultural activities, always designed with a view to offering good value for money.

Dynamic development

The Villages Clubs du Soleil association opened its first village with 550 beds in 1969 in Orcières, and reinforced its Alpine identity a few years later, with the construction of Montgenèvre Village Club (750 beds). In 1989, Villages Clubs du Soleil purchased Hôtel le Caribou in Vars and took over the management of a holiday village from the Kodak central works council in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez in 1992. In 1997, Les Arcs 1800 village was built, and 1999 saw the association become a public limited company. It was in 2005 that a wave of development occurred, with a new Village Club opening every year. In each of its resorts, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil has played a role of a partner contributing to the development of the local area, helping to finance facilities (ski lifts, sports complexes, etc.) and taking on responsibilities in various local institutions (French Ski School, public council, resort council, etc.). With this in mind, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil plan to build a resort in Marseille by around 2013/2014, thus creating an innovative product: a Village Club du Soleil in an urban area.


In 2010, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil celebrated its 50th birthday!

On 24 September 2010, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil celebrated its 50th birthday - an opportunity for the constantly evolving group to reflect on how better to work together. For 50 years, Les Villages Clubs du Soleil has combined activism and economic performance, company development and the development of mankind, quality of service and accessibility for all, land use planning and integration.


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Les Villages Clubs du Soleil

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