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Hunger of flavors ...

While on holidays, you’re allowed to treat yourself: generous and varied buffets, with 8 hot dishes to choose from at lunchtime and in the evening, fresh, quality products, amazing themed dinners, etc. Here it’s all about enjoyment.

Each to their own taste

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences - that's why our buffets are made up of a wide and varied selection of food. Discover different cuisines during theme nights, enjoy the sun on the terrace, have a picnic facing high mountain pastures... Treat your taste buds!

Quality cuisine

Regional products and cheeses and other flavours are given pride of place in our restaurants. Seasonal vegetables and fresh fruit, sourced from responsible farms, fish and shellfish from sustainable fisheries - all the nutrition you'll need for a balanced meal. At Les Villages Clubs du Soleil, you'll enjoy cuisine that's both responsible and authentic.

It's all about atmosphere

Because dining is not just about food, our restaurants are also pleasant places where tasting also involves visual pleasure. Beautifully presented dishes, smiling waiters... Just sit back and enjoy!


Et pour skier non-stop...

Emportez vos pique-niques ou dégustez des grillades sur les pistes*.

*sur Montgenèvre et Orcières 1850 - sous réserve


Balanced and delicious meals for your little ones! With menus specially designed to meet their needs and height-adjustable furniture, the Restopuce* is your children's favourite restaurant. At lunchtime there are two options: children eat lunch with the children's coordinators or with their parents. Parents eat with their children in the evening, but if you'd prefer to have a romantic evening with just the two of you, just leave it to us(2)! (1) except in Valmorel la Belle, Flaine, Oz en Oisans and le Reverdi.
(2) according to club opening hours.

Parents choose the menu!

We provide you with products that are the best suited to the nutritional needs of your young children (under 2): soya milk, Blédine baby cereals, baby food, stewed fruits, etc. You decide. For your toddler's comfort, there are highchairs, bibs, bottle warmers, etc.

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Les Villages Clubs du Soleil

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